BMW M6 by AC Schnitzer (+3 views)

The highly renowned BMW tuner AC Schnitzer offer tuning for the 6-series and with the Tension called design study on the same basis the Germans were attracting many attentions on motor shows. With the launch of the M-model, the specialists of AC Schnitzer got a new toy to play with.

An besides the things mentioned above, also their programme for the M5 includes a lot of things that can be used to jazz up the evolution version of the luxury coupe from Munich. Said and done, AC Schnitzer is now presenting the result. And this is, just as usual, a remarkable one.

Lowering, fat and phat wheels, available in sizes of up to 21inch in diameter and 10inch in width add more muscles to the coupe. But it doesn't put necessarily more weight to the Bimmer as there are, besides other options, forged super lightweight wheels too.

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