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Mini Cooper S by AC Schnitzer

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AC Schnitzer cars on the Essen Motor Show
The Essen motor show is soon to take place which causes a lack of fresh press releases in early November as the tuning industry present their newnesses shortly before Europe's most important exhibition for tuning and automotive after market solutions begins. AC Schnitzer are the first to refer to the 2007 event and proclaim that they will showcase a modified BMW M3, a 1-series Coupe and a Mini Cooper S. In addition, AC Schnitzer will show the GP3, a gas powered 3-series.

Thanks to our new Tuning Telegramme template, we can produce much more articles in the same time, which has also been conceived to manage the mass of newnesses of events like the Essen Motor Show. So we're prepared to show the greatest new cars in a special feature on the exhibition. This article is the first to be ranged in our Essen special which will be available on our contents page. Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepage