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Leipzig Motor Show 2007

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From 14th to 22nd April 2007, the Automobile International takes place in Leipzig and this year's exhibition underlines its national importance however the luxury and the tuning sector are increasingly losing significance. The organiser is nevertheless at pains to offer attractions beyond what is showcased at the boots of the makes exhibited on the event.

One measure is a special exhibition in the main glass hall. This year, a selection of 'Flügeltürer' - in English: 'cars with gull wing doors' - is aimed at being an additional crowd puller. Although there are also cars with scissor doors amongst the exhibited vehicles, they might attract attention. This definitely goes for the charming first-class fair hostesses.

And as they are part of the show - and capturing them has become a car mag's common habit - we're also going to take some pics of that sort of motor show attraction. During this week, we try to shot as many good photos as possible ( of both cars and girls) which will be released in some wallpaper galleries in May. A foretatse in red is here in this page.

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