Lotus APX concept car - photograph - rear-left view

Performance of the engine is maximum power of 224 kW (300 hp, 304 PS) at 6250 rpm and a torque of 360 Nm at 4500 rpm. Like the vehicle, the engine is not just a Lotus Engineering concept, but a feasible prototype close to production, however it is not a concept indicating a strategic powertrain direction of Lotus Cars.

The engine is production feasible and it is expected that the commercialisation of this engine will be of interest to the automotive clients of Lotus Engineering. Simon Wood, Director of Lotus Engineering explains the rationale behind building APX: "the first production car from Lotus to use the Versatile Vehicle Architecture will be the new mid engine "super sportscar", which will go into production in 2008.

Lotus Cars customers eagerly await this vehicle that will be a class-leading and phenomenally high performing car. However, we wanted to demonstrate the true versatility of the VVA technology, and what better way than to build a type of car that no one would expect from Lotus - a 4-wheel drive "Crossover" vehicle. I am delighted with this vehicle and we believe that this technology and strategy is what the motor industry must follow to be able to produce niche vehicles efficiently and quickly.

Simon Wood continues: "There is already a great deal of interest in both APX and VVA technology from our client base and we will work hard to see how Lotus Engineering can help them with their strategic product solutions".

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