Range Rover Sport by Arden

Land Rover TDV8 tweaked by Arden
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tuning of the German Brit car refiners Arden Automobilbau have re-adjusted the engine control of Land Rover's 270hp TDV8.

The diesel engine does not only generate additional horsepower after the treatment - the experts have mainly been focusing at enhancing torque which also make reducing fuel consumption possible, they say. The outcome in numbers is this: maximum power: 315hp, torque peak: 700Nm.

Arden offer a three year warranty on the engine tuning but they did not release any rates regarding the fuel reduction. For sure, more toque make the engine more flexible which could lower fuel consumption however, engine tuning is rarely ordered for this. Drivers just have to have a sensitive foot and a green conscience to achieve the savings.

Nonetheless, on the lordly Range Rover, drivers could have the compo-
sure to enjoy having more power but saving fuel at the same time. Those how ride the model with the additional name 'Sport' will possibly use it with another attitude.

Range Rover Sport by Arden

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