Volkswagen Atacama concept

TRUCK TRIAL - Volkswagen Crafter Atacama Concept
And it aims at a different usage after all. Four wheel drive, increased ground clearance, and roof box may inspire to fancy several purposes out of the commercial field. For example, it would be a good basis for a safari Caravan. Not just because it is named after an American desert. Volkswagen are checking feedback on the thing globally and announce manufacturing a small series when it is a positive one.

They say up to 100 units could be manufactured however, Wolfsburg have departed from limitations many times before. At least 50,000Euros would be the price for the vehicle. Even though this will be most certainly just the price for a basis and customised interiors are probably going to be desired in most cases, it's not unlikely that the interest in the rose commercial truck is big enough to persuade VW of putting the Atamac into production. No matter what they'll do: The thing looks great!

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VW Crafter Atacama concept draft

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