Audi AS5 by Abt Sportsline - front-side view

Audi AS5 by Abt Sportsline

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With the new A5, Audi are reanimating their coupe tradition after being absent for a long time. And even though it features sporty details, the car is very elegant. It also has more sophistication in its design than the other mass-produced models of the make. The Audi tuners of Abt Sportsline do consequently underline the sporty character of the car. Add-on parts carry on the design language of the coupe whereas the wheels add a new detail to it, since they have a polished surface.

The tuners offer further rim options, ranging from 18 to 20inch. Side gills in the front fenders emphasise the sporting approach but they don't fit to the coupe, neither in shape nor in what they suggest. Abt offer more power for the 240hp diesel motor. Besides the usual upgrade by ECU changes, there's also a stage with another turbo charger. 272 and 300hp respectively are the outcomes of the engine mods.

Eventually good rates and it might be fun to drive but in times of unobtrusive all-out evolutions of over 500hp, the air inlets in the sides may appear a bit showy. More reasonable are the following offerings: A sports brake system with 380mm disks and an adjustable lowering kit. Altogether Abt Sportsline have a lot in store to turn ones A5 into a looker, no matter if more sportiness, racing looks or just some softer changes are preferred.

Audi AS5 by Abt Sportsline - rear-side view

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