Audi R8 by B&B with 20inch rims - rear view

Audi R8 by B&B

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Audi has a great micro page on the R8
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mobiltechnik from
Siegen offer tuning for Audi's super sports car R8. The specia-
lists replace the rims of the German designer item by ones made in Italy, designed by Project Kahn from the British island.

Diameter of the alloys is 20inch. Width is 9 inch at the front and 11 at the rear axle. Sports springs lower the nose by round 20mm while ground clearance of the back is reduced by roughly 10. But there's more to come since a fully adjustable suspension is in preparation for the Gallardo-based sporst car.

And, last but not least, B&B betters sprint abilities of the flattest vehicle of Audi's line up. Thanks to an enhanced power output, increased to 450hp, the 0-100kph time is shortened by round 0.3 seconds while the the double speed is achieved in roughly 1 sec less, compared to the standard model.

Considering that Audi are going to launch a V10 version of the R8 which will get some exterior modifications, owners of the V8 model could possibly be keen on an update or, an upgrade. B&B offer some interesting options to Abt's conversion which can be seen via this link. > > > click..!

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