Audi S3 by Abt Sportsline

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The Audi S3 is one of the most expensive offerings in the compact car segment! AMG are ignoring the C-Sportcoupe as well as the A- and the B-class and also the M GmbH cold-shoulder the 1-series! In contrast, the quattro GmbH deem Audi's VW Golf-based compact car A3 a good basis for an an evolution model. This attitude might have made it more difficult for Abt Sportsline to further refine the sportiest A3 version, however, there is more to it than just individualisation.

Audi S3 by Abt Sportsline

Regarding the 2.0 TFSI motor, the experts have adjusted the engine control so that the aggregate is now producing a power of 310hp - 45more than standard. Torque has increased by 70Nm which means that the Abt version has a total of 420! On the road this upgrade result in a 0-100kph time of 5.4 second. In Germany, Abt is known for their racing activities. So they're offering a stiffer suspension for the A3 while a sports exhaust system round off the changes acoustically.

And of course, the new AR wheel fits to the S3 too, in 19Inch. Abt's approach is definitely making the Audi S3 even sportier, but it doesn't appear like an all-out tuning conversion, and the performance rates are that of a sports car! That's how many out there like their hot hatch: Unobtrusive but very fast. Top speed is clearly higher than 250kph! In other words: On the autobahn it may run with the big ones even though it's just looking like a little one.

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