Jaguar XK by Arden - right-front view

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The new Jaguar XK is out and the long-established German Jaguar and Range Rover refiner Arden is preparing a lot to make the coupe from the United Kingdom more individual and sporty.

The usual add-on parts will belong to the range as well as the tuners' double-spoke multi-piece wheel. Largest diameter for the new XK is 21inch. As the images show, the rims do very good to the 2-door Jag's appearance. Not only it looks sportier this way, it adds sophistication and nobleness to the expensive British upper-class vehicle.

This does definitely not go for the aerodynamics parts as pictured on the photoshop of the speedster version below these lines. However there will be customers who presumingly fall for a [c]racy style like that. And they will surely be interested in the displacement increase of the 4.2 Litre engine. Arden extend the combustion volume by 300ccm to 4.5Litres.

Jaguar XK by Arden - Speedster version left-front view

This of course rises the output of the V8. Two numbers in this regard: 380hp and 480Nm. That can be enjoyed in an extraordinary interior, further refined with the finest materials. Arden uses high-quality leather, Alcantara, precious woods and carbon for that, just as you like it. For more info visit the company's web site - see the link at the right >

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