Bugatti Veyron
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Just in case you've got some millions of Euros
or Dollars or you will come into a fortune or you anticipate yourself to become wealthy any other way in the next time and you intend to invest on a brand new Bugatti Veyron [ 1.1 Mio Euros ex VAT ], here comes a link to where you can create your dream car.

The web site enables you
to pick out a combination of colours for the two-tone paint and the interior. All that can be seen from various perspectives. And, even if you're one amongst the majority that will never afford the European super car, it will be perhaps a highly interesting source to check out a few colour combinations for your next car.

And maybe it leads you on to buy a Veyron [ or to strive to earn enough money for that], or to like the car more than before, because there are no images of the Bugatti that are as impressive and convincing as the ones that configurator generates. That does mainly apply for the interior but also the body of the Veyron looks pretty good there - apart from a few odd details that remain visual faults.

In any case it's good fun to compose ones own Bugatti, seeing so many sights of it. Just click the pictures here to go to the Bugatti-Configurator page [ needs the latest Flash version ].
Bugatti configurator screenshots

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