BMW 3-series convertible by AC Schnitzer - side view
BMW 3-series convertible by AC Schnitzer - front view

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Since Alpina insist on being classified as a car maker, rather than an auto tuning company, AC Schnitzer are doubtlessly the most reputable BMW tuners. The offers of the company cover the com- plete range of the Bavarian company. Latest model is the con- vertible version of the recent 3-series and the Schnitzer team now introduce their programme for that vehicle. As the car bases on the roofed Three, they hadn't too much to do for that.

The body kit is the one of the coupe version. Schnitzer claim they were aiming at underlining the character of the car body, rather than at adding obtrusive muscles to the car. The add-on parts for the front and the rear do perfectly mirror the German middle-class premium Cabriolet's design language, while the rocker panels stick out more. As with the coupe, there is a wide range of options on the wheels sector.

More information provide a wheel selector on the web site of the BMW refiners [ see right column ]. Even though the feature's range of cars doesn't include the two door versions of the 3-series, it provides a good foretaste on how it could look like. Exhaust systems, engine upgrade and lowering round off the offerings, just as interior tuning. Schnitzer's offers for the E93 might not be a surprise but, after all, worth of editorial.

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