Interview with Bodo Buschmann

Herr Buschmann, Brabus deals with tuning for all cars of the Mercedes Car Group, ranging from the Smart to the Maybach. Would you give away how many customers you have got for the Brabus Maybach and the Bra- bus SLR?
Well, because of the fact that the Maybach is - as we use to say: produced in homoe- opathic amounts, in relation to mass-pro- duced cars - there are just a few cus- tomers. There are some 15 to 20 May- bachs refined by us. Regarding the SLR it is roughly the same number, maybe 20 to 25. That ranges from special paints with colours not available ex works, refinement for the interior, power upgrades and larger wheels.

Considering the low quantity, is this about business or is it more about prestige, just to be able to advertise that Brabus deals with every make from Mercedes Benz?
In view of the costs of the developments for the Maybach, the issue is economically critical. But since we can use the Maybach wheel for the new S-class, as it was in- tended, it is okay. Making it for just 20 cars alone would be all too expensive - even more expensive than it is today.

The Porsche tuner Alois Ruf is sup- posed to create his own car. Is this something you're keen on? After all you already have everything it ne- eds, except an individual car body!?
Brabus has been a registered car maker for many years. And if you face our cars, such as the CLS Rocket, there's actually just the outer skin that reminds one of the Mercedes Benz CLS, the rest is specially- designed for this vehicle. So far we have decided not to create an individual exterior design as we don't want to miss the ad- vantages and the qualities of a mass- produced item, such as the CLS in this case, or in the case of the EV12, the E-Class. This is also about ordinary things such as the sealings of the windows or the moon roof. Everything has to work perfectly in every-day use. And that is very important for us.

We have not made a decision does sound a bit like it is actually possi- ble!?
Sometimes this issue is being discussed but there is one thing that I - as an owner of the company - don't want: I don't want a me-too-product. > Next Page

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Bodo Buschman, Brabus onwer and chairman of the VDAT and the WWTO has been interviewed by
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