Interview with Bodo Buschmann

Okay, let's talk about the other end of the range. Smart are going to cancel the Fourfor and have already cancel-
led the Roadster! Are you optimistic, as an official Smart tuner, that the Smart story will go on?

As you certainly have taken from the press releases, the Fourftwo is going to be inte- grated as a new model in the Mercedes Benz programme. I don't see any reason for not dealing with that car. Smart is unique! And the Fourtwo was always unique. So I think there is a big future for this vehicle.

Brabus cars are mainly black. In the do-it yourself tuning scene, flashy two-tones paints are all the rage now. It sometimes foreshadows the trend for the industry! Is there any chance that we'll soon see a bi-colour paint from Brabus? It doesn't have to be a vivid one. But what about black and grey and a cupreous parting line!?
From time to time there are cars with different paints: The CLS Rocket in silver or just consider the Smart Brabus 'Ultimate 101' that were available in racing red, which is similar to Ferrari's red. We also manu- facture many cars in bright colours, inclu- ding white, for customers from all over the world, mainly from Asia and Arabia. And these cars look pretty good.

The question was aimed at the pre- sentation cars of Brabus but I assu- me you will keep them black. Just as

the Brabus style has always been un- obtrusive. Now it seems the trend with the conversions goes in a more ostentatious direction! Will Brabus follow, or will you cling to your style?
No, we are going to cling to our style. Our parts have to be effective. But there is also a form-follows-function-bondage with some parts. When we have a big cooler behind a part, we of course need large air inlets; otherwise a big cooler would make no sense. But generally we produce shapely parts that work.

You already mentioned the CLS Ro- cket. The car provides almost unbe- lieable performance rates, however it is electronically limited in torque and top speed. Are there any improve- ments to come from the suppliers, so that the limits can be raised or abo- lished?
Indeed we limit top speed to 350kph. But to get back to your question what the future will bring, I can only say: Wait and see!

Well, but it's up to the tyre makers. If they get even better, it could enable the Rocket to run as fast as it can. What would be the top speed of the CLS Rocket without any limits? 360kph!?
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Bodo Buschman, Brabus onwer and chairman of the VDAT and the WWTO has been interviewed by
our Chief Editor
Lutz Valdeig

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