Interview with Bodo Buschmann

Are you afraid that it will knock me off my feet?
No, no! [ he Smiles ] Just let it be a surprise!

Okay I will let it be a surprise to me. Some tuners, such as Abt Sportsline, have got a new tuning approach: Re-ducing fuel consumption. Is this an issue for Brabus, regarding Smart cars, for instance?
Brabus have focused on torque-optimised engines for more than 25 years. As you might know, if you have more torque you don't necessarily need to drive under full throttle continually, which saves fuel, which is an agreeable side effect.

So what you are saying is: The end result will be the same!?
Of course, it works indeed. We have prac- ticed a reasonable use of our resources for 25 years.

You are not only the chairman of the VDAT, the German tuner association; you have also recently founded the WWTO with some colleagues, of which you are also a chairman. Altho- ugh the WWTO is a world organisa- tion, the German one has more repu- ted members. Do things run in the di- rection you want them to?
Well, we just have to start at one point and it is of course far more difficult to found a world alliance. That needs ten, twenty members from all over the world that want that to manage several interests. The business in Europe is very different to that in Asia and the one in Asia is different to the business in America, and the Americans do things a very different way to the Russian people. To balance all that we decided to be conducive to founding the WWTO to- gether with the VDAT, as we also did with the European organisation. I believe this is absolutely necessary, but it takes time. It starts with gatherings of the members from all over the world which can only be done on international events such as the motor shows in Geneva and Frankfurt...

...or the show in Essen!? The organ- iser of the Essen Motor Show is also a member of the WWTO!
... Yes, or just Essen. It is planned to invite the members of the WWTO for a 2 day symposia next year.

Thank you very much for the inter- view and good luck with all your pro- jects!

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Bodo Buschman, Brabus onwer and chairman of the VDAT and the WWTO has been interviewed by
our Chief Editor
Lutz Valdeig

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