Mercedes R-class by Brabus - front-right view

Benz are following
the crossover trend. But...

What is that car good for?

Is this a vehicle that no
one really needs?


The acceptance of the new R-class could be better but those who invest on it are most certainly wealthy and do pay attention to having an unusual ride. Altogether that are pretty good preconditions to sell upgrade for it. Brabus show their programme for the crossover Mercedes now. It consists of add-on parts, lowering, interior upgrade and a comprehensive range of wheels.


No surprise, the famous Benz tuners offer the usual, and some more. As Stuttgart fit the R-class with engines of the E- and the M-class the company from the German federal state of Nordrhein Westfalen, West Germany, has more power in store. Most remarkable treatment is that for the R500 since the tuners increase its displacement to 6.1Litre

Together with further modifications this R-class is capable to generate 445hp which is enough to sprint in under 6 seconds to 100kph. An exhaust system with 2x2 end tips is also amongst the modifications. Such a system is gettable for the other engines of the crossover Mercedes too. And Brabus do not only attach importance to sound and performance but braking.

Most effective system of the German Mercedes specialists is the Version III called option. 12 pistons bite brake discs of a diameter of 380mm at the front and 6 pistons push the 355mm discs at the rear axle. And because the R-class has plenty of interior volume, Brabus offer a bunch of entertainment and office devices to fill room and air with useful and enjoyable things. You surely know all the abbreviations. More can be seen at:

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