Brabus Bullit basing on the Mercedes C-class - front view

The Mercedes SL with the 730hp Bit-Turbo V12

More tuning for the new Mercedes C-class by Brabus

Brabus, that's well
known, has a 730hp bi-turbo charged super
V12 motor to make the luxury cars of Mercedes-Benz the fastest of their class. But, the latest housing of the 6.3liter engine takes us and any one else by surprise: Brabus im-
plant the twelve-cylinder aggregate into the new C-class, the smallest sedan of the house!

And, without any compromises regarding the power! Since the CLS with this engine is called the 'Rocket', the C-class is systematically named 'Bullit'. To avoid any further automo-
tive surprises from the Bottrop-based tuners, we precautio-
nary anticipate a A-class 'Missile' and a Smart Fortwo 'Pro-
jectile' with that S-class motor.

But here comes the section with the performance data: Power: 730hp (537kw), as aforementioned, torque: 1,320 Nm (974 lb-ft). Sprint: in 3.9 to 100, in 10.5 to 200 and 24.5second to 300kph. Those how can wait longer than half a minute will reach a maximum speed of 360 km/h (224 mph).

And who dials the number + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0 can order one super C-class, so he convinces the Brabus guys that he is able to pay the price of: 348,000 Euros, just to scare away super sports cars the likes of one Lamborghini Murcielago, as an example, from the Autobahn's left lanes by following

www.Brabus .com
Brabus Bullit basing on the Mercedes C-class - side/rear view

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