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Herr Buschmann

Brabus introduce their range for the new C-class and it's actually inclu-
ding just the usual items. Lowering, wheels, exhaust tuning, aerodyna-
mic parts, braking system, performance upgrade and so on. A typical Brabus gadget is the ground illumination by lights in the rocker panels, which is already known from other conversion of the company. So, in-
stead of providing any specifications (see web link at the right for more), we would like to draw attention to three interesting details.

The first one is a carbon application for the exterior mirrors. It covers the upper part of the glass section of the housing. Thus it makes the indi-
cator appearing wider and the clumsy mirrors seem more well-shaped. Admittedly this effect is most striking when the car is black, like Brabus' presentation car. Next one is a red round lamp in the lower centre of the rear bumper. The press text doesn't say what it is but it's likely to be a stopping light.

It's not really something new but, the thing might be an eye-catcher in traffic though. Not quite as conspicuous as a flashing light is the rear spoiler - to our point the third remarkable detail of the Brabus C-class conversion. Even though it won't attract any special attention on the car, it effectively underscores the shape of the trunk's burbling edge. If there is a must-have thing in the Brabus W204 programme, it's this one.

Brabus tuning items for the all-new Mercedes C-class

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