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One of them is tyre maker Michelin. The press in France found fault with the fact that rubber is the only contribution from France and also since the stuff at the factory at Molsheim was German. But in the meantime the majority of the personnel are from France, as Mr. Keller said. And we guess the Grande Nation is surely proud of the fact that the world's fastest car is manufactured by French hands.

The focus in the German public is being put on technical and econo- mical aspects - aside from the performance. Responses in motoring magazines did predominantly acknowledge the remarkable achieve- ments of the engineers, especially as it seems that they have found a decent solution for each of the physical and technical problems caused by the exceptional performance of the Veyron.

However there were also many who deem the car debatable. What is a car with an output of 1000hp good for? It might go from 0 to 100kph in less than 3 seconds and burns around 1 litre of fuel per kilometre at peak consumption, but for everyday use the potential can hardly be used. Critics say there is not even a race circuit that has a straight long enough to reach the top speed of 400kph. -Next..!