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B U G A T T I   V E Y R O N

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On the other hand, the European super car is intended to be an automotive icon that demonstrates excellent engineering and what is possible when money doesn't matter. That might throw a different light on the issue but in the eyes of those who accuse Volkswagen of a waste of resources it isn't a justification at all.

Indeed the Veyron is a toy, a collectible and for sure there is nobody who buys a Bugatti just because he needs a car. The price of 1,000,000 Euros ex VAT suggests this clearly. And, by the way, Volkswagen lose more money with each car they sell since the Veyron's price doesn't even meet the costs of production, let alone the costs of development. After all the Veyron is more than simply a faster or more powerful vehicle. It is a masterpiece in engineering.

Technical data hardly shows the physical forces its performance pro- duces. Many of the problems came to light just before 350kph. Such as the immense power of grease, that normally is believed to be an absolutely harmless substance. But at such extreme speeds centri- fugal forces pressed the grease in the propeller shafts' rubber sleeves to the outside and blew them up. -Next..!