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Not only did the lubrication not work as the grease wasn't where it should have been to do its job, the collets were also destroyed. Volkswagen's engineers finally solved this unexpected trouble as they mastered every other problem. Just consider the cooling of the engine and brake system. It has to work decently at inner city stop-and-go- traffic just as at top speeds and all that under all temperatures.

Nonetheless, driving at more than 375kph with the Bugatti needs special preparations and precautions that seem almost as extensive as in space travel. By means of a so called Speed Key the high speed mode has to be switched on when the car is standing still. Then the Bugatti sets its systems to their uncompromisingly ideal state and switches back when just one parameter runs out of the limit. The same happens when the driver brakes once.

That means stopping again, reactivating the Speed Mode and starting anew, provided that enough distance is still left ahead of you. The air condition must be turned off as the Veyron does not have the power to get over 400kph with it on. Running at the claimed top speed is possible - but only under the very best conditions and on a test track. And, we have some other important numbers in this regard: The Bugatti baby feels well and does this exercise when the temperature is between 18 and 28 degree Celsius. -Next..!