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headline illustration image: Bugatti Veyron engine detail
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Wealthy lovers of fine automobiles won't be bothered by such details. After all they get a sate-of-the-art vehicle that is extremely unlikely to be topped in the next decades. This car dictates what is possible and provides the extra kick of getting as close as possible to the physical limits of road legal cars. But buyers who want to have this fun have to accept conditions that are as unusual in a car's bill of sale as the super car itself.

A German magazine recently revealed some sections of a Veyron contract. Volkswagen are reserving a lot of rights. One is that the Veyron owner has to grant a pre-exemption right to Volkswagen in the case he wants to resell 'his' vehicle. The aim of this is pretty clear. Wolfsburg don't want any Veyron to become a Mafia boss' or a pimp's ride. Furthermore Volkswagen insist on observing the vehicle's technical parameters via satellite and fetching the car for maintaining or upgrading to the factory at Molsheim at any time.

Taking such authorisations into account the Bugatti investor appears to be more a user than an owner. And there's another aspect that points this out clearly. The price for having the Veyron sat in ones garage is just a fractional amount of what Bugatti would need to make money on the vehicle. Seen from this perspective the European super car seems more like a rental car that may be used for a flat rate of one million Euros. -Next..!