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headline illustration image: Bugatti Veyron side view
B U G A T T I   V E Y R O N

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Considering this number it might not be fair to call it a bargain. Volkswagen have produced a milestone in automotive history and a masterpiece of engineering, and included the most extensive care for it, for a fraction of the real price of the overall package. As we said, Volkswagen don't earn money with the Veyron or the make Bugatti. And it seems safe as houses that they won't do so in the next fifteen years.

Volkswagen CEO Herr Bernd Pitschesrieder is of the opinion that the Veyron project highlights the skills and know how of VW. And he adds:' other companies use Formula 1 for that, however our Bugatti project doesn't cost more than many spend on one Formula 1 season'. Pre- sumably he is right, nevertheless the effect on VW's reputation won't be a significant one since people know that there's a big difference between projects and vehicles like these and those cars that can be bought at the dealers.

So it seems that the return on investment will be very little. A nicer body and a Lamborghini or Bentley tag would at least traumatise the competitors. So Bugatti stands out from any other brand, as the world's most exclusive car make with the world's fastest car. This is fantastic! But in this way it will remain a big loss for the balance of Europe's biggest car maker. -Next..!