Porsche Cayman/Boxster Targa - The Cayarga Project

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Sad thing: Porsche are not likely to launch a Targa derivation of the Cayman - and even if so, it will most certainly get no detachable roof panel - though offering this would be pretty easy for them! Since the Cayman bases on the Boxster, the body structure should be stable enough for that.
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Porsche Cayman/Boxster Targa - The Cayarga Project
At least reinforcing the body work for a missing roof
section shouldn't turn out an unsolvable or unaffordable issue.
The question is whether the market want such a thing, or rather how many would prefer this version. Maybe it would be a rewarding project for one of the big names of the Porsche tuning business.

Cutting out a part of the Cayman's roof is definitely not the best appro-
ach for a hand built series. Especially as there's another, clearly more practicable way: A two-piece hardtop for the Boxster! This would also turn the open top baby Porsche into what we want it to be: A real Targa model. And, it allows returning it into a roadster at any time.

As there are two sections behind the seats - the engine bay and the trunk - the baby Porsche has got a pretty long tail. So a hard top longer than the genuine part from Porsche could help enhancing pro-
portions but space for this is limited because of the trunk lid. A reme-
dy for that and the full car come on the next page. Just click > here..!

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