Porsche 911 Targa
Porsche 911 Targa - side profile
Porsche recently introduced the new 911 Targa and there aren't too many surprising things with the latest edition, the model 997. The silver trim strip at the upper window line is the only visible new detail, the rest is well known from either the Carrera coupe or the previous Targa. The decoration go well with silver wheels. Spokes painted in body colour and silver or polished outer rims to mirror the bright strip at the greenhouse would look very elegant. Just imagine a dark one in that layout. Great, isn't it!?

And a more classic approach is surely to the taste of those who order the 997 as a Targa. Sadly they just get a Carrera with a big glass moon roof. Yes, the window line is different to the Carrera's but it changes absolutely nothing with the open-air feeling which is just slightly higher than what a decent moon roof would provide. Porsche have reserved the word Targa exclusively to their models, however, they're no Targas in the traditional conception.

The first 911 of this surname, with a detachable roof, panel was a real one - not so the recent 'Neunelfer', as the Germans use to call it [speak: ' Noyn-Alver' ]. Today Porsche apparently deem a manual operation obsolete and offer an electric solution which is nothing but a makeshift since it needs rails at the outer sides. Or do they fear more fresh air in the cabin would set it to close to the Cabriolet!? Or is it just a clever way to earn much money on an - admittedly extra large - moon roof!? Or do customers want it exactly like that!?

We don't think purchasers of the make are necessarily conservative-minded, and maybe they really want the Targa in this style, in times of retractable hardtops. But what about the classic layout for the Cayman? Would it really be the better match for the 911? Or would the more simple solution find a ready market on the cheaper, smaller Porsche model? On the next page we show, after the Z3 in 2002, 'our' second sports car concept with such a roof. Here it comes > click..!

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