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The Citroën DS is a legend, a milestone in automotive design, It's doubtlessly a master piece. The succeeding model, the CX, was almost as spectacular and innovative as the DS and outstanding enough to be a worthy sccessor. The XM, the car after it, did not cut the mustard, it just was a futuristic vehicle. But as the brand had lost its image as a technically leading company, their vanguard housings were deemed false labelling by many lovers of the brand. With the new C6, the Frenchmen want to tie in with tradition - with yesterday's grandness. Already at first sight, their new upper-class fastback appears as strange as its predecessors did.

Some unusual details such as the sickle-shaped tail lights and the convex rear screen - or concave, seen from the other side - are what fans want but many won't like. Actually it's not that odd: In the metal, the thing appears much more elegant and presentable than it does on photos. In some ways, it reminds one of the supersonic air plane Concord. Inside, the modest dashboard is shocking! Seems as if another designer than that who created the exterior have designed the cabin. Starting the engine and driving the executive sedan from France, it propitiates ones disapproval. The car runs silently and is highly comfortable.

Set up of the hydro-pneumatic suspension - a feature unique to Citroën - is very particular but agreeable after a short time of familiarisation. In the sports mode, the C6 feels like some German sedans of its class however Citroën enthusiasts will prefer the slightly swaying ride of the softer option. Yes, it's very different to its main competitors and that's what we expect of a car of this origin. Nonetheless, in some cases it took an overwork of the E-class to beat it in even the German press. Altogether our Citroen C6 test drive showed that it is a very good car and, at the same time, it is as unusual and futuristic as an upper class Citroën should be, fantastic! > Next

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