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Falling back to unusual design, as the did it in earlier decades, Citroën do now also offer automotive 'Haute Couture' in the European compact class. And the courage to go the unusual way has recently been awarded by an international jury with the price ' World Design Car Of The Year 2006 ' So it's worth being commented on here. The first drafts for the vehicle featured an even more unorthodox rear end, but the board members deemed the drafts too chancy and ordered a more normal design.

Stylists eventually came to a good compromise. It's now different enough to stick out and at the same time, it might be to many people's tastes. While the five-door model is agreeable but usual in its shape, the three door version combines sportive looks, vanguard design and a roomy interior. Even though it doesn't have much of the sculptural body of one Citroën DS! However, the front adds personality to the C4, it has got a recognisable family face. And great detailing, such as the centre caps of the wheels, make the C4 a chic designer item.

This applies for the dashboard too. Digital displays do carry on with the progressive design attitude of the brand. Some may be of the opinion that Citroën haven't gone far enough with the exterior, others might deem the car too futuristic but altogether it's good design work. They hit the spot! Automotive French fashion as an option to the German premium approach, that's what we want to see on the road! Congratulations for being World Design Car Of The Year 2006, Citroën. > Next..!

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