Carlsson SL CK55 front-right view

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of the
CK 55

Carlsson from the
German federal state of Saarland is an esta-
blished company in the Mercedes tuning biz. However they don't serve as much power as their colleagues from the Ruhr, Brabus.

Carlsson SL CK55

With the CK55, Carlsson offer an interesting option for fellows who don't want to invest on an all-out conversion, as it's the case with Brabus' 730hp über-SL. By just a few measures, the charged 5.5litre AMG-engined SL is pushed to more than 600hp, as they claim.

This is being achieved by an altered compressor transmission, sports exhaust system plus an adapted ECU. Specifications are amazing. Power: 601hp/442kw. Torque: 810Nm at 8200rpm. Top speed: 'over' 332kph. And, Carlsson say it works absolutely trouble-free - although there are no further mechanical reinforcements.

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