Carlsson SL CK55 engine

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Also other tuners push this motor to this performance, and even more. But, the 'more thans' and 'overs' instead of some 'approximatelies' in Carlsson's press release rather evoke scepticalness. On the other hand, the company is a long established, renowned name in the business and no follower, such as ART or Kleemann.

Carlsson SL CK55

They won't risk damaging their reputation just because of a few horses more or less!? Of course, all the other usual tuning items such add-on parts, lowering and interior refinements are offered by Carlsson too. Most remarkable in this regard are the magnificent wheels of the house.

They offer up to 20inch large rims for the SL. But also owners of other Mercedes cars who are willing to invest on an outstanding look of their ride should know the wheel range. You can see this on the company's web site by clicking here...!

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