Carlsson CK60


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And now, a page for those would like to read more numbers. Maximum torque of the V12 upgraded with the CK60 engine kit is 1024Nm at 3500rpm. Due to limitation of the tyres, Carlsson set a limit to the top speed of the 600hp car. It manages a 0-100kph sprint in just 4.4 seconds while accelerating ends at 320kph because of the speed limiter. Up to 285mm wide tyres provide grip. They are mounted to 10x21inch rims. These are the specs for the rear axle, the front has a few mm less. Also a 11x20 inch wheel is possible, but with 'just' 275mm rubber. The el-ectronic lowering kit reduces ride height by 30mm and round off the sporting looks of the marvellous Carlsson CL.

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