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The Alpina blue is a 1,900 Euro extra. This colour looks good but isn't worth the money and makes the D3 significantly more expensive for people who are of the opinion that an Alpina car should have this paint to be a real Alpina, and not an add-on-part-tuning car. Since the D3 is not, it's a pity that it takes this extra charge to make it look like a real one. Going off the point that it has to be painted in this blue to be authentic, much money could be saved and there are definitely other matching colours available. What about classic white for the sedan, or metallic grey?

Even red would be great. Rounding off the flashy colour with the optional trunk spoiler and the more progressively styled 19inch Dynamic wheels, the D3 could even look like an M3 killer, however the diesel sound won't meet everybody's expectations. And black is beautiful in this case too. AutoBild tested a D3 Touring in this finish, it looked astonishingly exclusive on the photos. The Alpina petrol driven version, the B3, is going to be on sale in 2007. A 3.0litre six-cylinder engine will power the faster 3-series. This car will most certainly meet the expectations of those who want a vehicle that feels like a real upgrade whereas the D3 just bridges a gap in the BMW range.

Alpina cars always were something special to be savoured. The D3 is doubtlessly a car in this spirit, since it is better than a standard BMW in some regards, even though it doesn't top Munich's offers in performance. It might not be an über-Bimmer, however it is well-rounded enough to deserve the good name of the famous German BMW enhancer. Considering that the prices for the car and options are on Munich's level, the D3 may be said to be a fair deal. But the best thing is that no other vehicle is providing so much upmarket prestige for so little. And that's truly something that could be enjoyed - despite the lack of low rev power.

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