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And the distinctive Alpina letters at the front spoiler alone means a prestige extra that can hardly be numeralised. But all that doesn't answer the main question whether the D3 lives up to what its origin is suggesting. After all Alpina stands for, 'accomplished upmarket conversions'. By the way: the D3 is the cheapest ever brand new Alpina car. It is the entry model but, does it do justice to its name? Seen from a technical point of view, the specialists have pulled out all the stops.

There is much more than just cheap chip tuning to boost the diesel engine. In addition to a modified ECU, there's a bigger charger that was specially developed, just for this vehicle. Considering it has such exclusive goodies it begins to appear to be a bargain! Of course, Alpina don't have to transfer consumer prices to Munich and the D3 is pre-produced on the 3-series assembly lines at the BMW. Only minor modifications and the final inspection are done at the headquarters at Buchloe! That shows how the Bavarian refiner can offer the car at this price.

But there are options that don't seem that cheap. The classic blue Alpina finish is a 1,900 Euro option. This is BMW's price for 'individual paints', but it remains way too much for preparing a painting robot on an additional colour. A more reasonable extra in monetary terms is the trunk lid spoiler. It is 375 Euros and it suits the design of the Three perfectly. Matching the Alpina style it's not demonstrative. But those who intend to drive the car in the pedal to the metal fashion on the [ German ] autobahn might need a spoiler for a little more down force. By the way, top speed is 238kph.

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