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As always before, the automotive year started with the glamorous motor show in Detroit and the whole world presented what the future could bring. Europe was contributing a lot and did justice to its position in the world of fine automobiles that way. The motto above all is crossover. Two unusual examples came from Aston Martin and Volkswagen.

The Brits showed a cross of executive sedan and sports car. This might have a tradition in the UK, however it ain't what people associate with this term. VW, on the other hand, were exhibiting a mix of car and bike: A trike! After all that's nothing new as well, but the exciting approach of the concept make the Teutonic concept a remarkable contribution.

Sister brand Audi came up with a vehicle that may be said a usual thing from a European point of view but on an US show it appeared as a surprise. The same applies for Volvo's very compact design study. And Lamborghini managed to attract much attention by a thing which is actually well-known. Altogether these are exhibits worth having a closer look behind their existence. What is to come and what did they aim at? Click the pic to view the respective article

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