Here come the wheels on the Aston Martin DB9. View more..!

Apart from the Aston Martin DB9, the 21inch hollow spoke wheel is also avialable for SUVs such as the Volvo XC90, Porsche Cayenne and the VW Touareg.

The German off-road tuning company is offering the rims in the width of 9.5" and 11.0". But 21" don't seem really large on cars of the SUV-class. And the design of the wheel is intensifying this. The Porsche Cayenne on the photo is a good example for that

But, when attention is being paid to a leftover of ride comfort this option could turn out a good choice since it combines two advantages at once. First, there is enough tyre sidewall to provide a sufficient deflect way for a soft ride and second, the low mass of the Delta wheels increases this driving characteristic additionally.

In contrast to the DB9, the rims may not be called eyecatchers on the Cayenne but nevertheless they go with the Porsche SUV. Perhaps they also remind some experts in Porsche cars of the classic 911 'Fuchs'* rim. And a deep dish could be to someone's taste as well.

* German pronunciation: 'Foox' [ ... not Fucks ]

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