'LUV MATCH': EDAG LUV Concept Car - bird's view

EDAG is going to show, as they have
recently announced, a 'Luxury Utility Vehicle'
at this year's Geneva Motor Show. EDAG? What's that!? The company is a service provider for the automotive industry and is well experienced in designing and engineering com- plete vehicles but not really well known in public. Despite of their creative skills, they fall back on an established production model as a basis to realise their concept car.
EDAG LUV Concept Car - grille

The official press release confirms that it bases on an extend production model but doesn't give any details away. However, sketches show they use the Mercedes GL-class for the thing. Besides design cues of the German make, it has a grille in Cadillac-style. And the whole con-
cept reminds one a bit of the king size twin cab pick up truck EXT from exactly this company. The name LUV is phonetically a maritime term in German language and there are also styling features that echo the concept's nautical approach: oiled teak on bonnet, cargo bed and cabin's floor. Maybe it is a bit too much
of the luxurious covers.
EDAG LUV Concept Car - left side view

Do we want wood on the hood!? And, we know such plankings from the Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe although even the Brits weren't the first to use this on a concept! Altogether there aren't too many new things with the EDAG show car but the archetypes come from Rolls Royce, Mer-
cedes and Cadillac: Indeed members of a very illustrious company. This point out how cohe-
rent that design study is. It's a combination that could find some buyers. Manufacturing a limited series wouldn't necessarily be a project for DaimlerChrylser but EDAG itself or the Benz tuners of Brabus. Cadillac should be worried about a European option to their EXT. All the more when it's one looking as distinctive as the LUV. Good for the Americans: it's not likely to be realised.

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the Luxury Utility Ve-
hicle concept can be
read via the official
website of the design
and engineering firm: