Ferrari 430 by Hamann Motorsport - right-front view

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A set of super light weight 3-piece alloy wheels underlines the sportive ambitions of the noted super car tuner from Germany. This one looks much better than Hamann's Anniversary II rim. The inner parts in black appear very cool and make this Ferrari sticking out of the widespread red-with- silver-wheels-fashion.

More cool darkness are provided by aerodynamics parts that are made from carbon-kevlar or optionally from fibreglass. Moreover Hamann Motorsort have a sports braking system, sports exhaust system, sports suspension and even sports superchargers available for the 430 - besides many other things that do justice to a company that bears the term Motorsport in their name.

By the way: 0.35bar, 620hp, 630Nm, are some technical data regarding the tuned engine. These are most certainly enough to shock many Lambo and Porsche drivers on the road. And since we come to an end here, we just give away some more remarkable numbers: 8.50x and 12.75x20inch - you know what they concern with! If not, use the link at the right.

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