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Placing emphasis on noticeable muscle increase, the tuners are not only rising power by 53php - but are also underlining this visually putting it a track suit on. Regarding foot gear, 21 inch large trainers with 245 and 345mm wide soles are used to provide as much grip as possible. In view of the well-trained muscula-
ture, the Italian sports man definitely needs that plimsolls.

Even though origin and looks leave no doubt about the physical fitness of the athlete, also scare tactics is amongst the lessons in the German super car training camp. Spoilers might indicate to some of what the Ferrari has got at Hamman, while its sports exhaust system, that's mainly responsible for the extra power, affirms this acoustically.

When understanding this 599 GTB's exhaust noises as a note of caution, rivals on the road would not misinterpret them. After all the vehicle produces 673bhp, as Hamann claim. That is certainly enough to out-accelerate most out there and so the tuners did nothing wrong in turning the elegant exterior of the Ferrari - which was, by the way, sculptured by star designer Pininfarina - into an almost martial appearance.
Ferrari 599 GTB by Hamann Motorsport - right-front view

Sure, there might by just a few who accept changing a Ferrari into this, least enthusiasts and collectors of the marque. But first, the conversion just mirrors the power of the thing and second it looks interesting too. Since a combination of Italian passion and Teutonic discipline was leading in the Formula One for al-
most then years, the Italo-German racer is safe to find find its lovers, definitely.

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