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LUXURY CAR BRANDS FOR SALE - New owners for Aston Martin, Jaguar and Lamborghini wanted.

For sure, they would rather break up with troublemaker Jaguar but there's neither a motor company nor any other investor for the premium brand. On the other hand, Renault supposed- ly wanted to buy Jaguar last year. Both Ford and the France denied this rumour. Regarding Aston Martin, the situation seems the same: There's no investor. If there's truth in the news on Ford's sale intentions, which is very likely, we hope that Aston Martin and Jaguar will go in good hands. By the way, rumours say the Americans ask for one billion Euros for the tra- ditional but technologically updated British sports car manufacture. But not only UK workers life in uncertain times. Also their Italian colleagues at Lamborghini will have to wait what the German owner intend to do with the company. > Next

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