Land Rover will bring out a successor
of their smallest model, Freelander next year. Tests will have to show whether the new little one from the United Kingdom will set benchmarks in the compact Crossover Utility Vehicle segment. And there is severe competition.

It will have to compete against
cheaper cars from Asia and some upcoming expensive but prestigious offers from Europe. But, there are not all too many car makers that can advertise a model's second generation in this class. The Brits proudly under-
line this fact by adding the number 2 to its name.

Even though the new one ain't out yet,
there's something that can already be said. The styling is clean and Land Rover like what could turn out a decisive advantage. After all the company has a great
tradition in off-road vehicles.

On the other hand, this did not help
the first Freelander much. However, the Range Rover line of the house gained much prestige in the last years and since the new baby Landy looks like a family member, sales could profit from the pedigree this time.

Especially as SUVs are fashion items
for many of their drivers. In this regard, the second Freelander is definitely a good basis for a stylish conver-
sion. A more sophisticated grille, replacement for the brummagem tail lights and a set of fine wheels would ad-
vance the Freelander to the Range Rover's cool factor.

As a foretaste on it, the Brits offer a lot
about the new one on their Internet site: Wallpapers, animated images and a film that explains details. If you consider buying a vehicle of this segment, you should have seen it. You can go there via the links at the right.
New Land Rover Freelander
New Land Rover Freelander
New Land Rover Freelander
New Land Rover Freelander
New Land Rover Freelander
New Land Rover Freelander

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