VW Golf GTI by Oettinger

Long established German VW-Audi Tuning company
Oettinger from Friedrichsdorf, offer engine upgrade for the anniversary edition of the Golf GTI which has 230hp as standard. The tuners rise this rate to 305 by means of reprogrammed soft- ware. 1,390 Euros is the price of the stage I.

Those who want even more than those 252kph of top speed and 400Nm of toque it provides, can get a 330hp-stage too. It additionally includes hardware modifications that mainly relate to the air inlet and outlet systems of the car. One result is 340Nm as maximum torque output.

It also shortens the 0-100kph time by 0.3 seconds, in comparison to the stage I's. In numbers: 5.9 instead of 6.2 seconds. Top speed increases by merely 6 to 258kph! But almost three times as many coins as for the first stage has to be transferred to Freidrichsdorf. Exactly: 3540Euros!

In view of the stage one's 1,390hp it is a lot! - however an extra of 75hp at this price is bargain! Speed freaks, on the other hand, will surely like this offering. All others could be interested in investing the difference of 2150Euros on nice add-on parts, 19inch wheels or lowering that are available for the jubilee Golf as they are also obtainable for the other GITs.

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VW Golfy by Oettinger

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