Lamborghini 4-door concept - version 2

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What about crazier rear
lights? Not that logical design of the recent Lamborghinis!? Enes did us a favour and put some new lamps to his second draft. Apart from this detail which fit the styling of a Lambor-
ghini, it has also got a reshaped, stretched tail. This could be a feature many people will like.

Initially we did not fall for it but the more we looked at it, the more we liked it. It's the same with the whole concept, it takes time to accustom yourself to some details. In the end we think this thing is definitely worth seeing and an appropriate entry in our concept car category. We are at any rate more than happy that we can present it in our magazine!


The car above is the Version I. Read more about
the drafts on the previous pages. Here
you can view the Version II
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