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      TechArt pump up the li'l one.

Some hardcore Porsche enthusiasts don't accept neither the Boxster nor the Cayenne as a real Porsche. Regarding the SUV there might be truth in it. Looks, sound and driving manners aren't really Porsche-like and the brakes are annoyingly overservoed like that of its structural twin brother Touareg. But since the Boxster is a shortened Nine Eleven, the baby Porsche is genetically a real one. This should apply for the Boxster-based Cayman as well, however the acceptance problem remains the same.

TechArt now offer a version powerful enough to perplex narrow-minded 911 fanatics. Even the Carrera S needs Porsche's tuning kit to reach the power of TechArt's GTsport named Cayman: 385hp! Yes, the GTs and Turbos have some horses more, but a 0-100 [kph] time of 4.9 seconds is absolutely enough to call the thing a true sports car, even in times of super fast AMG and M sedans. For this, the Leonberg-based Porsche tuners have been going through the engine with the schoolbook of mechanic performance upgrade.

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