TechArt GTSport; right-front view

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      TechArt pump up the li'l one.

To make a long story short, TechArt increased the displacement from 3.4 to 3.8 litres. Exhaust system as well as air and fuel supply is adapted to the 'pumped-up' volume. On the chassis side, the Swabians use an adjustable suspension. A body kit consisting of front bumper including four auxiliary lights, carbon mirror mouldings, rear wing with a gurney flap and rocker panels improve aerodynamics and make it looking awesome, which is also a result of the big rims. Spec for the front axle is 8.5x20, for the rear 11x20inch.

Tire width is 235 and 305 respectively. The press release says that the car is available from 100,000 Euros, what sounds pretty much for the little one. Damn sure, those who know the price list for the Porsche 911 will arrive at a different point. And money can't buy a new 997 at Porsche that's looking as good as the GTsport. Not to mention a Carrera driver's puzzled mien when being out-accelerated by this snazzy, brisk Cayman. Just by the way, the 911 drivers we got to know are fairly open-minded.

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