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After a TechArt free time we again would like to show a product of the Swabian Porsche tuner. However it is not the very latest one. This is a Cayman conversion. We have added a link at the right to an article about this car on Because we have to release our own stuff before Porsche bring out the Cabrio version of the 997 Turbo. That is to say that the one on the photos is a Turbo.

We shot the pics on the way back from the productions for our TechArtAirfieldExperience feature in last summer. As we passed the place where these photos have been taken, we just decided to go back for a closer look at it. And we deemed the location a good one for a few additional pictures. The trees in the background are definitely not mother earth's most beautiful creations. But shooting the TechArt GT Street in this strange scenery seemed a good idea to us. Isn't it? Just let us know how you think about our photos.

Because of the perspective the road seems much larger than it actually was. Indeed it was just a small path and the 600hp monster couldn't be turned into another position on it. So all photos show the front view of the TechArt Porsche. But different angles provide various sights. We very much hope that there is also one view you will like. All images, including the one above, are available as wallpapers. Just click them.



>   The same car,
other wheels: The GT Street in the south of Italy

>   That's the very latest: The TechArt Cayman

TechArt Airfield Experience


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