Volvo C70 by Heico

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Volvo refiner Heico Sportiv from Weiterstadt, Germany intro-
duce their range for the all new C70. The stylish convertible from Scandinavia can be upgraded with wheels, lowering, spacers, exhaust systems with either two or four end pipes, swivelling fog lamps, 4-piston brake system and interior applications. Also engine tuning is offered. Heico rise the power of the 220hp T5 version to 250. An upgrade for the 180hp diesel that pushes power to more than 200hp is in preparation.

Volvo V70 by Heico

Add-on parts for the body of the shapely cabrio-coupe from Sweden round off the programme of the tuning company: Rear diffusor and front spoiler flaps add a bit more sportiness to the car of the brand that is famous for solid and reliable station wagons rather than sportive 2-door cars - however also the new C70 underlines by its organic exterior that the era of angular vehicles is over at Göteborg. Nonetheless a few enhancements won't harm and Heico Sportiv are offering a highly interesting range for that.

Volvo C70 by Heico

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