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Heico Sportiv Volvo S80 T6 High Performance Concept

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Heico Sportive Volvo S80 T6 HPC
Once we have been predicting that LED strips as in the bumper of the all-new Audi S6 will become a common feature of tuning cars. And, although some used this detail to refine their ride, it hasn't established as the trend we expected it to become. One that fell back on this idea is the Volvo tuning company Heico Sportiv. The German auto refiners have created an S80 show car for the Scandinavian car makers that's just about the limit - a looker at its best!

The car is shown on the SEMA Show 2007, the U.S. American exhibition for tuning and custom cars. It features a special 7-layer metallic effect paint which is shimmering as cool as the car is. The add-on parts of the Volvo - except for the rocker panels - are clean and clear in shape which also applies for the precious multi spoke wheels. Despite of the simple design, they do add impressive sophistication to the Swedish upper middles class sedan. And, that makes it not only appearing very stylish but also very German. next > Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepageView the next page of this feature