Volvo S80 by Heico Sportiv

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Volvo refiner Heico Sportiv present their range for the new S80 and the presentation vehicle looks pretty good. The 19Inch wheel's shape is simple yet not boring. It is obtainable in silver or in a darker finish. A set of lowering springs round off the look of the Scandinavian flagship. Depending on the engine, Heico offer exhaust systems with 2x2 or 1x2 end tips. And the obli-
gatory chip tuning for the diesel motor are gettable as well. The aggregate with 185hp as standard generates 210hp after the treatment.


And since the Scandinavian car maker offer a turbo-charged petrol engine on the S80, the tuners can provide more power for this version too. 240hp instead of 200 is the outcome of the modifications. Further parts for the interior such as pedals and gearshift lever knob from aluminium and stainless steel entrance panels are in preparation. Do you need an A6 when you can have an S80 looking like this? There might be reasons to opt for the Audi but the Volvo is worth being considered, all the more when it's as great as Heico's.

Volvo S80 by Heico Sportiv

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