both rims in comparison - can you tell the difference?

what is what

The convertible
is equipped with
the Jaguar wheel,
while the coupe in
the background's
showcasing the
Brabus rim

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Jaguar have lately presented the XK-R, the evo version of their luxurious 2-door model. And with the car, they offer a new wheel design that did not strike us as something new. And indeed, it's almost exactly shaped like the Monoblock S rim from Brabus. It is true that the double-spoke design is neither Jag's nor Brabus' invention but that the XK-R wheel is so similar to the round add-on part of the German Mercedes refiner is astonishing.

There are differences in details, and the surface of the Jaguar wheel is painted whereas that of Brabus is polished. The most interesting question is who was first. Brabus was earlier out with their rim, however Jaguar had already showcased this wheel design on the ALC concept car on the Detroit Motor Show in January 2005 - a few month before the launch of the Brabus rim.

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