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Kleemann E55 K3


This is our test of the 610hp K3 stage


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K4 upgarde



One year ago we received two images from Kleemann. Both aren't available in the official media page of the Mercedes tuner. They just were attached to an email to show us what cars were ready for a test drive. Since we have been there in 2004, we didn't go to Scandinavia. But one of the photos we did like very much. A few editings have been done to it and we not only saved it on hard disc but also kept it in our minds.

Recently we received a press text from Kleemann that appears to be the perfect match for a release of this image. The Danish Benz specialists are now introducing their latest upgrade for the AMG 5.5litre V8 motor. The K4 called kit generates 640hp. That engine is also available on the CLS. However the car on the photo is presumingly not an AMG model, we use the picture now to illustrate the article because it's definitely worth seeing. Details and some more is in the right column.

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