RS-X and RS-V wheel from Kahn Design

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Those who deem the all-new Continental from the Volkswagen division Bentley genetically too Ger-
man may appreciate some extra Britishness on their car in the shape of upgrades from the United Kingdom. The Bradford-based company Pro-
jekt Kahn offers wheels, lowering and a trunk spoiler for the coupe. The Brits' new RX-S wheel can be ordered in 21inch for all models of the line.

 Bentley Contuinetal GT from Project Kahn
Width at the front is 9.0,
inch and 10.5 at the rear axle. An
option to the sleek RS-X wheel, with its polished surface, is Kahn's RS-V rim. It is gettable in 9x20 for the Conti. Its classic appearance go well with the car and may be said a good choice for gentlemen who would prefer-
ably have a little less bling - even though the RS-X alternative is not flashy, but shiny.

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